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6th Grade Girls Choir

This is a non-auditioned choir of beginning 6th grade girls who learn the fundamentals of sight reading, tone, tuning, solfege, rhythms, part singing, and singing 6th grade level repertoire.

Concert Men's Choir

This is a non-auditioned choir of 6th-8th grade boys who are either new or returning, who refine their fundamental skills and sing advanced music at UIL contest and at our seasonal concerts.

A cappella Women

This is an auditioned group of advanced girls who have had experience singing in choir, know the fundamentals of sight-reading music in multiple part music, and sing advanced treble repertoire at UIL contest and in our seasonal concerts.

Harmony Show Choir

This auditioned choir is our singing and dancing troupe of 7th-8th grade musicians, who work all year towards seasonal community gigs and performances, as well as Spring competitions complete with costumes and choreography!

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